“Booked-In” Photo-Exhibition 25 June to 15 August

“Booked-In” is a new exhibition of photo-portraits by Vanessa Lawrence.

Writers and musicians participating in the 2nd season of “Ace Stories”, the monthly live literature event series, were photographed in various rooms of the Hotel Pelirocco.

In most cases the writers were actually staying in those rooms overnight, as they had travelled from London or further afield for the event. The rooms were selected as far as possible to reflect something of the artist’s literary themes.

For example, Cathi Unsworth has shown a strong interest in her novels in the literature and music of the Deep South of the USA – her second novel The Singer features a rock & roll band that tours there, and the title itself is taken from a song by Johnny Cash (which is quoted at the start of the book). Therefore the room selected for Cathi was the “Dollywould”, a room of the hotel dedicated to Americana and referencing Dolly Parton’s theme-park Dollywood.

Similarly, Edward Wilson is the author of three spy novels set during the Cold War era – The Envoy, The Darkling Spy and The Midnight Swimmer, so Edward was photographed within the Hotel’s “Stoli Salon” room, decorated in ‘Soviet chic’.

The exhibition is intended to celebrate the writers as individuals as well as celebrating the achievements of the “Ace Stories” project in bringing this diverse mix of highly credible authors to Brighton to read and speak to new audiences.

It starts on Monday 25 June 2012 and runs until 15 August, the photo-portraits displayed on the walls of the hotel’s bar/breakfast room. You can see them at no cost any day between 11am and 8pm, just buzz on the door to be admitted. The Hotel bar is open to visitors and they have an excellent cocktail range in addition to the usual beverages.

-Jay Clifton, 24/05/2012